Zanik Design is headed by Tim Turbett, an award-winning designer and creative director and a life long “customizer”! From an early age he started building custom BMX bikes to motorcycles in every make, model and style. He’s had a passion to make them everything cool…and “his”.

For 20+ years he was a senior creative leader at many advertising and design firms heading up creative groups and campaigns for leading brands. It’s here that he honed his skills at concepting and strategic design: he knows what looks right and what works. He’s also grow to be an expert in managing project timelines and budgets, and helping clients discover what they really want. He found a way to combine his passions and he can help you realize yours!

Zanik Design’s Kustom Motorcycle Konsulting Service is a unique design process that gives motorcycle owners a clear, organized and deliberate path to personalizing their bikes.