Kustom Motorcycle Konsulting is a unique new client-interactive design service that guides you to your perfect design and plan for completing your dream bike. Our process is similar to an architect’s: we work with you through all the details and considerations, keeping the process from getting too daunting.

Bike owners want to make their own statement… but unique is not a model number! Now more than ever the options are overwhelming.

We bring vision, perspective and organization to this complicated process. Our only interest is your vision! Because we’re not “builders” focused on certain types of bikes, it’s all about your project. No matter if it’s a cruiser or sportbike, bagger or café, classy or wild… we’ll help you create your perfect bike.

Each project is unique, but you’ll always get a finished plan that includes the complete design including parts, recommended vendors and a budget. Speaking of budgets, none of us can do everything we want all at once, so we’ll help you with a staged approach that never makes your bike look like it’s “in process”. You can take the plan and begin your build, or we can act as your “general contractor” and manage your complete build to make sure every detailed is covered, bringing it in on time and at the agreed-upon budget.